Grade 000

What Is Grade 000?

Grade 000 refers to the age group 3 turning 4 in the current year and the curriculum is  currently based on the Revised National Curriculum Statement R-9 (2002). This curriculum forms the basis of  the Foundation Phase Curriculum practiced in the primary school. In 2010, the Curriculum Assessment Policy Statement (CAPS) documents were first implemented for Grade R. It has been incorporated into our teaching methodology for the Grade 000, however we go beyond this implementation to ensure our learners are well prepared for entry into our Grade R readiness programme

Why is Grade 000 so important?

We have found that Learners that have started with us in the earlier years adapt easily to the latter years of schooling that builds on this early foundation. Our learners joining us for the first time, quickly adapt to our school atmosphere and by the end of the first term become confident leaders in their social group and peer interactions. Our interactive teaching methodologies, small teacher to student ratios, ensure that there is a child centered environment and a warm can caring environment, this is the Little Dolphin Way!

What do Our Grade 000  teachers do?

Our teachers work with a curriculum that is intended to encourage learning processes (e.g., attention, observation, memory), cognitive skills (e.g., reasoning, comparing and contrasting, classification), and the acquisition of specific information (e.g., the names of numbers and letters of the alphabet).

We work as a team and ensure there is consistent building on knowledge as our learners progress through their early learning years at Little Dolphin.

Meet the Teacher!

Miss s mungavin