Grade R Teacher : Ms L Petzer

Hello my name is Miss Petzer. I am the Grade R teacher here at Little Dolphin Pre-Primary school.

I have a B.Ed. Degree in the Foundation Phase which I received through UNISA. I graduated in 2009 and have been teaching since. I started off doing locum jobs and then I started my wonderful journey here at Little Dolphin in the Green Group back in 2011. I am very passionate about teaching children and I love to help them grow and develop.

In the Green Group we work hard, we learn all about our letters, numbers, colours, shapes and many more fun and exciting things. We also learn how to hold our pencil correctly and how to write our names. We learn about cutting and we perfect this skill throughout the year. We count all the time and play lots of different educational games.

However, it’s not always about work, there are plenty of times when we let our hair down and have some fun (while still learning). Sometimes we let our imaginations run wild, going on a treasure hunt in the deep blue sea whilst also going on adventures with safari animals and learning some fun and interesting facts along the way.

I look forward to meeting you in 2021! We are going to have an awesome year!