Extra Mural Activities

There are many extra-curricular activities including:


  • Drumkidz
    Each DRUMKID gets to play their own djembe drum at their school, with one of our trained instructors guiding them through 8 action packed, high energy 30 minute lessons per term.

    The DRUMKIDZ play as a group, developing their awareness of others and how to listen and lock into the natural timing and rhythm of the group as a whole. They also play as individuals, letting their own creativity, energy and uniqueness shine through.

    Tel: 073 186 4397
    Email: admin@drumkidz.co.za
    Website: www.drumkidz.co.za

  • Drama
    Child Drama extends a child's creative ability through the use of various stimuli such as mime, stories, movement, music, puppetry etc. Drama assists with vocabulary and speech development, which promotes confidence.

    Tel: 084 242 4220 / 031 266 5527

  • Monkeynastix
    Let Monkeynastix take your child on a journey of discovery that will not only shape the body, but wire the mind for academic success. Children are born to move and through Monkeynastix we encourage them to explore and discover the world through their senses and their bodies with out fun and exciting movement education program - designed by specialists, endorsed by therapists and teachers, and loved by kids!

    Tel: 082 325 4299
    Email: andred@zamail.co.za
    Website: www.monkeynastix.biz

  • Gekotrix
    Gekotrix is a well established programme with unique lessons. The focus being to develop sports specific skills and create an understanding of each sports code. Whilst executing our objective we create an environment that makes learning fun and developmental in children.

    Tel: 071 092 4490
    Email: guy@gekotrix.co.za
    Website: www.gekotrix.co.za

  • Pottery
    Join us to play with clay, have fun being creative and learning new skills. Take home a completed project each month. Improve fine motor skills while discovering basic pottery techniques.

    Tel: 082 560 7620

  • Soccerstarz
    Soccer Starz trademark will become a recognised symbol of excellence in its field. Soccer Starz sales staff and coaches will not only be known as sales and coaching staff but as staff who really care about the boys and girls in our coaching programs leaving a lasting impression on their lives.

    Tel: 083 389 6191
    Email: micheline@soccercise.co.za
    Website: www.soccercise.co.za


  • Ballet
    Maureen Cook Dance Studio

    Tel / Fax: 031 466 2934
    Cell: 082 877 6380


  • Mini Sport
    Mini Sports Academy will be at your child's school providing lessons in the following codes of sports: Cricket, Rugby, Hockey, Golf, Baseball, Ball Skills, Basketball, Soccer, Volleyball, Tennis & Netball.

    Tel: 084 077 0607

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