What are we Learning?

What are we Learning?

Reading Skills

Our young learners are learning to hear sounds and syllables in a word. Beginning sounds (e.g. cat) are the easiest, however they are also practicing identifying the end and middle sounds. They are able to identify which words rhyme or end the same: Eg.  man, pan, can, fan.

Writing Skills

We correct the pencil grip of our young learners and help them develop good pencil control. Practicing often will mean learners have ease with colouring and handwriting tasks.  We help children learn the correct formation of letters by showing the starting point and the finishing point when writing a letter or number.

Listening Skills

Learners are taught to listen carefully to an instruction to assist in their understanding of the task they are expected to complete. We make eye contact with each learner and repeat instructions verbally to ensure that they have fully understood what is expected of them.